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Is Paint Stopping your Home Sale?
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Is paint stopping your home sale?

Is paint stopping your home sale?

When it comes to selling your home, you want to do everything within your power to ensure everyone viewing your home loves it. In an article on they looked at some of the factors that could be putting off potential buyers. These factors include pet hair, cooking smells, and clutter, but the first factor listed was paint colour. How could paint be affecting the sale of your home?


Paint is an amazing thing: it adds colour and character to your home, helping you give your home a personal touch. However, if used incorrectly, this could deter potential buyers and make your home harder to sell.

Colours that are most likely to cause issue are bright, bold and vibrant colours, like deep purples, bright reds and neon pinks. Colours like this can easily draw the attention away from the house, and to the colour of the paint. While this is true, you also don't want a home which is wall-to-wall white paint, as this will make a home feel too clinical and un-homely. The best colours to use are soft, mild shades, as this will add colour and character, while not being too bold.

We have all heard that the right colours make a room feel larger, but the wrong colours can also make a room feel smaller. Dark colours absorb light, which can in turn make a room feel small and cold. There are two ways of fixing this issue, and the first is to increase the amount of light in the room. This can be achieved by opening curtains, turning lights on, and adding a mirror. All of these things will help to add light and to reflect light around the room. Alternatively you can repaint the room a lighter colour as light colours reflect light, and this will help to make a room feel larger.

Another way that paint could be affecting the sale of your home is by making your home feel old and dated. If your paint looks tired, or old fashioned, this could give a negative perception about your home, and could put off potential buyers. If you think this could be an issue in your home, it could be a good idea to apply a fresh coat of paint, or update the colour scheme to something more modern. However, remember who you target market is. Someone looking for a flat in a busy city wantwill something completely different from someone looking for a quaint cottage in the country. Making your paint match their desired style will improve the appeal of your home.


If any of this sounds like it applies to your home, then it would be a good idea to do something about it, rather than leaving it. While using a painter will save you some time and effort, this is money you can save by doing it yourself. We have put some useful tips together to help you while painting, which will save time and effort and will help you to get that flawless, professional finish.

  1. Don't rush and buy the first colour you see. Some paints look very different in the shop, compared to they'll look on your wall. The best thing to do is to buy a few samples before committing too much time on a paint which could look horrible.
  2. When painting, preparation is key. Make sure furniture that can be moved is taken out of the room, and any remaining furniture is properly covered and protected. Wash the walls to remove any dirt or grease which could affect the finish and adhesion of the paint. Also tape up borders to help get the perfect line while painting.
  3. To get the same finish as the professionals, you should use the same tools as the professionals. A secret tool used by many painters is the Padco Applicator. This is a disposable tool which makes painting easier and quicker and helps to get a flawless streak-free finish. Unfortunately not all hardware store stock the Padco Applicators, but they can be found online at stores like Wood Finishes Direct.
  4. Painting takes time, and should never be rushed. If you rush, you could compromise the finish and ultimately undo all your hard work.
  5. Some paints release nasty smells and fumes while they are drying, and you don't want these stuck inside your home. By opening doors and windows you will help remove these unwanted fumes and smells.

While you might think that this doesn't matter because you’re selling your home soon, it does matter. If your paint is putting off buyers, you are running the risk of your home being on the market for longer, which could ultimately affect the price someone is willing to pay for it.

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