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Moving house in winter
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Moving home in winter

Winter weather can be unpredictable. While we generally don't get too much snow, rain, cold temperatures and even a dusting of snow may happen on moving day, so it is best to be prepared for any weather for your move.

  1. Winter supplies

  2. When moving home in winter, you need a few extra supplies to help ensure your moving day goes smoothly

  3. Before moving day, keep a supply of grit or ice melt and a shovel or broom to clear away any snow that may fall or ice that develops - be sure to keep them easily accessible so you don't need to hunt for them if you need them

  4. Unadopted or non-public roads require a bit of extra effort from you - you'll need to know what you may be responsible for with any snow or ice removal to ensure the removals van can get down the road safely - remember that the removal truck may need to manoeuvre or turn around on the road

  5. Alert your neighbours! You should let both your current and new neighbours know your moving date and approximate time of your move, in case they need to move their cars

  6. Don't move in the dark!

  7. While it makes sense to make the most of the daylight available during winter months, often even in the height of the day the light is lacking - make sure your home is well-lit. Don't forget to bring light bulbs for your new home (know which types you'll need, or bring a selection if you don't know the types of bulbs your new home will require), and bring table or utility lamps to ensure every room, along with the loft, cellar and garage, has enough light for your removal to be performed safely

  8. Talk to your removal company

  9. Make sure your removal company uses floor coverings at both your old and new home - even if it is just raining - to protect the floors at both your old and new homes and reduce the amount of cleaning necessary

  10. Ask them about their supplies and plans for winter weather, and confirm your move with them the day before it is scheduled (even if the weather is clear and isn't scheduled to change!)

  11. Stay warm

  12. Don't pack your hats, scarves, coats and gloves. You'll be going in and out of your home, and the doors will be constantly open at both your old and new home

  13. Dress in easily-removable layers - you'll want to stay warm, but a bulky coat will only be annoying and not as effective

  14. Make sure the kettle can be found easily - a warm drink and mug to hold will help you warm up on a cold moving day

  15. Have a box with toiletries and towels (so you can take a shower in your new home), along with a couple of throws to snuggle under with a cuppa before your new home is fully warmed up

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