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Moving house checklist for removals from Staffordshire & Cheshire
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House moving checklist

Before moving day

  1. Book a survey so that you can decide on costs and set a moving date as quickly as possible (especially during peak times when slots fill up quickly)
  2. Do you need or want everything from your garden, shed or garage? Throw out what you can - no sense in moving things you don't really want to keep!
  3. Decide what service you require - packing china or glass, full service packing or pack yourself
  4. Pick out the items that need special care and make sure that the people who are moving these items know - this is so fragile items or items that are especially valuable to you are given the proper attention
  5. Throw away any unwanted items so that they don't accidently get taken with you (this happens more often than you think!)
  6. Clear out your loft so that no goods that you want to take get left behind
  7. Make arrangements for children and pets on the day of your move so you don't get distracted on moving day by looking after them (and they don't get stressed!) - distractions may mean things are left behind by accident
  8. Contact service providers for reconnection/disconnection to your new home such as electricity, telecoms, cable, and broadband providers
  9. Be sure to arrange your broadband move well in advance, as this often takes some time to be installed in your new home
  10. Inform the local council, water provider, dentist, doctors, optician, bank/building society, credit card companies, DVLA, schools, TV licence, national insurance, and pension company of your change in address. Don't forget any hire, leasing, purchase or loan companies and to amend any insurance cover details
  11. Redirect your mail to your new address and send change your address cards
  12. Get advice on moving to and reinstalling any satellite dishes that you may have at your new home
  13. Remember to defrost your fridge and freezer
  14. Cancel any ongoing deliveries such as milk, newspapers, or food boxes

Day of move

  1. Remember to keep any items that you need on move day separate from the items that are going in the removal van or lorry
  2. Pack valuables separately from everything and make sure that you take them with you such as jewellery, watches, money, important papers, passports etc
  3. Confirm meter readings and keep a copy
  4. Switch off power and water supplies
  5. Lock all doors and windows when you leave your old property
  6. Drop off your keys at the estate agent

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