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Confused by removal comparison sites?

These days, we're used to visiting comparison websites to change our energy suppliers, check insurance prices, or even booking hotels. Comparing prices for these is relatively straightforward; you input your requirements and you're displayed with a table showing everything that matches and the price you'll pay

Removal company comparison sites are a bit different. We know the value of them - we participate in some of them - but there are a few things you should keep in mind when using a comparison site to make sure you get the most out of it

How are removal comparison sites different from other comparison websites?

When you're comparing the price of energy suppliers, hotels, or insurance policies, you're comparing the exact same product and service from many companies. When you're comparing removals, it isn't quite so concrete as every removal is different. One three bedroom move can be vastly different in size and scope from another; there's no flat standard. For example, someone downsizing will have less to move than a family who have outgrown the same size house.

The information you provide for the comparison is basic, and the prices shown are a guide price for a standard move of a standard amount of belongings. You'll usually receive an indicative price from three or four companies.

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