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Worldwide removal experts

People move abroad for many different reasons - job opportunities, retirement, family, educational opportunities are just a few. Whatever your reason for moving to another country, no matter how much (or how little!) you have to move to your new home, we're able to help.

We've been moving people to all corners of the globe since 1935, and know this is both an exciting and nervewracking period in your life. Moving abroad can sometimes be complicated, with planning the timings of your move to the customs forms and declarations, packing requirements, etc. We have the knowledge and experience to help ensure that your move abroad goes smoothly.

No two international moves are the same

Every person who moves abroad has different requirements and reasons for their move, and we take the time to understand not just what you're moving but why you're moving - it helps your move go smoothly. Whether your company is relocating you, you are moving for a new job and experience abroad, studying abroad, the love of your life lives abroad and are moving a new country to build your life together, or you simply want a change of scenery - we've got you covered. Each of our international moves is bespoke, meaning that you're not paying for something you don't need and your requirements are our top priority.

By taking the time to understand your move, we can advise you on the quirks and issues you may encounter. Every country has different rules about what can be imported, customs charges, etc. and we'll help you prepare your belongings to avoid some of the pitfalls that you could encounter when moving to a new country.

Our removal men are trained in the art of export packing & wrapping

We take the time to ensure our men are trained in the latest techniques of export wrapping and packing. This helps to ensure your belongins have a secure journey to your new home abroad. Unlike others, our men perform this task on a regular basis, and their experience, knowledge and expertise helps your belongings be packed for export quickly and safely.

Insurance for overseas moves

Despite everyone's best efforts, occasionally things can go wrong with an overseas move. Ships are at the mercy of the seas, and we (unfortunately!) can't predict Mother Nature. Because of this, we suggest you have international removal insurance. There are several levels of cover to suit your items and your budget, and our international move consultant will explain the options available to you so that you can make the right choice for your international relocation.

Information & advice for international moves

We have moved people to nearly any destination you can imagine - no place is too far, unusual, or remote! Some of our most common overseas moves are to Australia, the USA, New Zealand, South Africa and the UAE/Dubai, but we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to move you anywhere you are going.

We also offer information and advice on how to prepare for your move abroad, obtaining a visa, and how to successfully move abroad with your pets and children along with several country guides.

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Ring us on 01785 251161 and our home moving experts will be glad to assist you.

Alternatively, you can contact us or use our online booking to set up an appointment for your home removal survey - both services can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning you can contact us when it suits you.