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Secure and inexpensive document shredding for the home
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Personal document shredding

Most people know that shredding financial and other personal paperwork is a good idea, but in reality never quite get around to shredding them. A lot of people buy a document shredder to shred documents at home, but once they discover how long it takes to actually shred a small stack of paper, they give up - and their private information ends up in a recycling bin or the trash. Unfortunately, recycling bins and rubbish bins are frequently rifled through by unsavoury people who use the information for identity fraud, theft and other dishonest and illegal purposes.

As an alternative to shredding documents yourself at home, we offer an opportunity to securely shred your personal documents just like businesses do. We'll even issue you a certificate of destruction if you require one. Of course, you don't need to be moving with us to take advantage of our shredding service!

Convenient & inexpensive shredding

Our shredding is inexpensive and secure. If you're moving with us, we'll collect your shredding on the day of your move at no extra cost - the first bag of shredding is free! Find out more about our prices for secure document shredding.

Let us help you with your shredding

Contact us today or ring us on 01785 251161 to discuss your options for shredding your household documents. We're glad to help!

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