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Advice for international moves with pets
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Moving abroad with pets

You're ready to move abroad. You've arranged for your visas for your new country, you've booked your removal - all that's left is to make sure your furry family members (your pets, of course!) are also ready to go, too.

When it comes to moving your pets to another country is to have as much notice as possible. Many countries have complex import requirements for domestic pets which need to be follwed, and these may take several months to arrange.

Once you're moved, don't forget to update your contact information on your pet's microchip. This will help you be reunited if your pet manages to get loose in unfamiliar surroundings.

Where do the pets travel in the aircraft?

Pets being transported usually travel in the special livestock hold of the aircraft which is fully pressurised and heated. In some cases, you can take your pet as a carry-on. Please contact your airline for more information on bringing your pet in the cabin with you.

Do I have to be on the same aircraft as my pet?

You can, but it is not required. Pets can travel unaccompanied, but you or an authorised representative must collect them at the airport when your pet arrives. Also, some countries (such as Australia) have a mandatory quarantine period for arriving pets and the quarantine facility will collect your pets from the airport.

I'm moving to Europe, do my pets have to fly?

Absolutely not! If you're driving to your new home in Europe, you can bring your pets along with you - our website manager did this when she moved her cats from Switzerland. You do need to make sure their pet passport is up to date and any required vaccinations or treatments have been carried out at the correct time.

What paperwork will my pets need?

This will depend on where you and your pets are moving. Each country has their own import requirements which must be followed. Contact the country you're moving to to ensure you have all of the paperwork in order.

Who can help me move my pets abroad?

With the correct advice and assistance, moving with your pets needn’t be stressful or worrying. Britannia Movers International often works with PetAir.

Please send your enquiries to

Moving pets abroad - Pet Air UK

How can we help with your move abroad?

Ring us on 01785 251161 and our international removal experts will be glad to assist you.

Note: PetAir is a market leading pet relocation company. However, we are purely referring customers and as such cannot be held responsible in any way for any injury or other resultant issues arising from customers using these companies to move their pets.

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