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Advice for international moves with children
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Moving abroad with children

Depending on how old your children are will be the key as to how involved they can get with your international move. Regardless of their age, by emphasizing the exciting side of the move, you will help them embrace the adventure and adjust to life in a new country quicker and easier.

Tell your children about the move as soon as possible

The earlier your children know about your move abroad, the better. Give many details, and do not wait until the last minute – they shouldn't hear it from someone else. By knowing in advance, they'll have time to adjust to the new circumstances and prepare to say goodbye to their friends. Your childrens' emotions about the move may change dramatically from day to day, so try and be patient with their fears and concerns about the move.

If you have school-aged children, it is also important to look for suitable schools in the area where you are moving, and to involve your children in choosing a new school, if possible. You may also need to have translated copies of your child's birth certificate or passport in order to register them in school.

Different languages?

If you're moving to non-English speaking country, if possible you should buy your children toys, DVDs and learning tools in the new language before you go. Once you're there, try and introduce them to local children of the same age. You'll be surprised how quickly your children will be speaking the local language once they're immersed in it.

Involve the children in packing and moving

Giving your children age-specific tasks and creating a positive atmosphere about your relocation will help them become more excited about the move. Letting them make plans about their new rooms, think about the decoration, colour of the walls, curtains, and new furniture often helps children to adjust quicker.

Encourage your children to say goodbye and keep in touch

While teenagers won't need much assistance to keep in touch with their friends, younger children might need encouragement and reassurance when saying goodbye to their current friends. If possible, try to organise a small leaving party for younger children and their friends, and if possible also keep in touch with their parents.

Arriving in your new home abroad

Relax and don't start unpacking everything right away. Your children will pick up on your emotions, so a more relaxed and positive approach to the move can help your children feel more confident and happy about the move. When unpacking, arrange the children's rooms first, especially if they are younger.

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