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How to choose a removal company for an international relocation
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How to choose a removal company for an international move

Whether you're moving to Europe or to another continent across the globe, when you're moving abroad there's so much you need to plan, coordinate, and arrange. While moving your belongings to your new home in another country is a critical part of your move, it most likely isn't your only focus during this stressful time. Because of this, picking the right company for your international move is crucial to the success of your move abroad.

Carefully selecting the company for your international relocation is a key factor to ensuring your belongings arrive in your new country safely, with only normal customs duties and charges. An expert international removal company will help your move abroad be as stress-free as possible.

Even if you don't choose Britannia Goodwins International Removals & Storage for your move abroad (but we really hope you do!), it is important to know what to look for in the removal company you choose for your international move.

Questions to ask of your international removal company

What's their international removal experience?

International removals are very different from local and national moves, and require specialist knowledge of customs and duty, in addition to specialist export wrapping for your goods. Each requires experience and knowledge to ensure not only are your goods packed well and according to the requirements of your new country, but also so that they arrive safely through customs at your destination and at the door to your new home. Ask any removal company you speak with about your move abroad about their previous international moves and find out how knowledgeable they are about your destination and the procedures to move there. Also ask if their staff have had any specialist training on export wrapping, as this is a specialist skill that needs to be learned and is different than simply packing your items to avoid breakage in transport.

Are they accredited?

Is your international mover a member of FIDI? Are they a member of the British Assocation of Removers (BAR)? Both FIDI and the BAR insist on minimum standards for removal companies, and will help should something go wrong. It is also worth checking if your removal company is ISO certified, keeping to international standards of quality for both their business and customers.

Who works for them?

Are their staff experienced in export packing and international removals? Are they trained on an ongoing basis? Reputable international removal companies provide ongoing training for their staff to keep their skills at top level and to ensure they're knowledgable on the latest techniques.

Make sure they perform a CRB check (at minimum) on their employees. With an international move, you'll need to fill in customs paperwork and you'll normally need to provide a copy of your passport to the removal company - make sure your private information is in safe hands.

What kind of packing material do they use?

It may seem like a basic question, or even something you've never considered before. However, a quality international mover will only use high specification packing material for your move abroad. The items you're moving abroad are of great value to you - emotionally and financially - and your international removal company should also want your household goods to arrive at your new home in good condition.

What's the company's health?

We don't mean if the people working there are ill with the flu, rather, you should check if the company have a long history of trading and a stable financial profile? Do they have long-term employees on staff? The knowledge and experience gained over the years is invaluable when it comes to your overseas move - especially when creating relationships with partners overseas.

Do they offer the services you need - both in the UK and at your destination abroad?

Choose a removal company that has solid, long-standing connections with partners overseas - feel free to ask your chosen company about these. A good company will be happy to tell you about their plans for your removal, especially once your goods have left the UK.

How can we help with your international removal?

Ring us on 01785 251161 and our home moving experts will be glad to assist you.

Alternatively, you can contact us or use our online booking to set up an appointment for your home removal survey - both services can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning you can contact us when it suits you.

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