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Secure home document shredding - moving day

In the hustle and bustle of preparing to move home, documents you no longer need to keep but should protect from getting into the wrong hands can end up in an insecure recycling bin or the rubbish bin - or moved when they don't need to be moved.

To help ensure your outdated paperwork not only doesn't get needlessly moved to your new home, but also is safe from prying eyes, we offer our Move & Shred service when you move with us. We will collect your documents to be shredded on moving day, giving you the opportunity to securely shred private documents such as old tax returns, payslips, accountant statements, credit card bills, council tax bills, bank statements, etc. when you move.

How does Move & Shred work?

Simply let our our staff know if you'd like to use our Move & Shred service before your move. You can use our shredding bags, or your own plastic bin bag or a cardboard box. On moving day, just hand the shredding to your removal crew when they arrive at your home and let them know it is shredding. They'll bring your documents back to our depot for processing and secure, confidential shredding.

First bag of shredding is FREE!

When you use our Move & Shred service on moving day, your first bag of shredding is free! Additional bags will be charged at our normal low shredding prices. There is no collection charge when you hand your shredding to your removal men on moving day.

Find out more about our home paper shredder alternative

Contact us today or ring us on 01785 251161 to discuss your options for shredding your household documents. We're glad to help!

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