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Tips for a smooth move in Staffordshire & Cheshire
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Moving tips

Moving and packing tips

Here are some invaluable tips for people looking to move home that are all about packing - from what to pack in what to protective materials.

There is something for everyone whether you are moving for the first time or this is your 20th move!

  • For heavier or more fragile items like books, CDs, DVDs, glasses, etc. it is a good idea to use small boxes when packing them - bigger boxes are useful for all your pots and pans as well as any Tupperware that you are taking with you to your new home
  • For all the cuddly toys that you and your children can’t do without, strong bin liners are more than sufficient and you can even pack clothes and bedding in them, too
  • For protecting your items there is nothing more effective (or fun after you have moved) than bubble-wrap - not only does it protect your valuable items but you get to pop the bubbles afterwards!
  • Make sure you make a note on each box of what’s inside otherwise you might take hours to find something because you have to go through each box individually
  • To start with pack some of the smaller items that are easier to pack so that you get into a kind of rhythm, helping make the whole process less daunting and gives you a good starting point
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of a box so that they don’t crush the smaller items that they are lying on - and remember not to pack the boxes too heavy!
  • Fill each box so that there is no free space in between the items so the items don’t move about much, and if you want to provide extra cushioning to fragile items then you can do this by wrapping a tea towel around them
  • If you have kept the original box of something big that you want to move like your TV then please use it, this box will be ideal to pack your item in
  • Make sure boxes that have fragile items in are labelled fragile so that extra care can be taken whilst handling them

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