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How to choose a removal company
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How to Choose a Removal Company

How to choose a removal company

Choosing which removal company to move your home is one of the most important decisions about your move that you can make. We understand there's a lot of information out there, quite often conflicting, and there are a lot of companies who would like you to book their service. Whether you move with Britannia Goodwins International Removals & Storage or not, we hope you'll find this information helpful in choosing which company you select for your house removal.

Tips to help avoid choosing the wrong removal company

We have had many customers come to us after paying a removal company they didn't know much about, who simply didn't show up on moving day. Most reputable removal companies will do their best to help people in this situation, however, the additional stress and cost can make your moving day a nightmare.

The list below gives you some general guidelines on what to look for in a removal company to help you safely move your belongings.

Does their website list their name, street address & landline telephone number?

A reputable removal company will always display their office address and landline telephone number. Any service that does not do so potentially has something to hide so is best avoided. It is advisable to get contact details in writing before you agree to use their services as you will then have a named person to raise a complaint with if any problems arise.

Can you see who they are?

A good removal company should have plenty of satisfied customers with images of their warehouse, staff and trucks on the website. Steer clear of companies who only use generic stock photographs as they could have something to hide.

You should also be able to visit their offices and warehouse prior to entering into any agreement to use their services. Can you see their premises on Google Streetview? (some private roads and industrial areas cannot be seen in this way)

Are they a member of a professional removals organisation?

Ensure that the company you use is registered with a trade organisation like the British Association of Removers (BAR). If the company you select is a member, you’ll always have someone to turn up and do the job even if something goes wrong.

There are strict criteria members must adhere to and BAR also offers pre-payment protection and a free conciliation service.

If they claim to be a member of the BAR, their website should display the BAR logo - and you should be able to click on the logo to confirm the website you're visiting belongs to a BAR member company (try it out!).

Member of the British Assocation of Removers

Do they offer insurance?

Insurance is recommended, just in case. In the vast majority of removals everything goes smoothly but accidents can happen. You can also insure against a delayed or cancelled move.

How much are you moving?

People have greatly differing requirements from a house move. You may be an individual moving on your own or a big family with a house crammed with valuable antiques. Can your chosen removal firm cope with your particular needs?

Will a surveyor come to your home?

A good removals firm will send a surveyor to your home. It is easy to underestimate the amount of possessions you own so, for a whole house move, it is better to have an expert assess the job directly. The surveyor can also give you information on insurance, storage and packing services.

Britannia Goodwins International Removals & Storage can also offer the services of a surveyor via video calling applications like Skype and FaceTime.

Price isn't everything

Don’t buy only on price. Do get a number of quotes from reputable companies and remember to compare like with like. Some companies may have exclusions which make them unsuitable for your needs.

Choose a company that provides the service you need at the time you need it and one that inspires confidence backed up with evidence from satisfied customers.

Britannia Goodwins International Removals & Storage offer a comprehensive removal service so you are likely to find that we cater for your every requirement.

Peak times cost more

Can you move in the middle of the week or be flexible on choosing the date or time of your move? Peak days are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. These days are booked up quickly and usually cost more.

What do their customers have to say?

Businesses love to shout about their success stories, so if their website does not contain reviews from customers, then that should be taken as a warning sign. If the testimonials are generic and non-specific - or all sound the same - then they may well be written by the company themselves.

Follow these guidelines and you can be assured of finding the right removal company to help you move house.

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